Lelo INA™ 2 Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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The LELO INA™ 2 is a luxury adult toy designed to provide female pleasure with come-hither G-spot stimulation and outer clitoral vibrations.

At $189 (before discount), the INA™ 2 may be more expensive than your average toy, but my experience says it’s worth the money. It’s great for individual or couple's play and delivers intense waves of joy.

LELO INA™ 2 Highlights and Key Features:

  • Rabbit-style design provides intense come-hither G-Spot and clitoral vibration stimulation
  • 8 pleasure settings to help you find the perfect combo for you
  • 100% waterproof and rechargeable (2 hours of play time!)
  • Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
  • Discreet billing and shipping
  • 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee

LELO INA™ 2 Review

To test out the INA™ 2, I tried the toy by myself and with my partner. But before we can get to my full review…

LELO INA™ 2 Unboxing

I admit – I was a little concerned about having a box with “LELO® Sex Toys - Best Orgasms” plastered across it show up on my porch.

Thankfully, LELO provides discreet packaging. Just a plain package from “Shipping Employee Name, Warehouse address.” No need to panic about an awkward conversation with my UPS driver.

I had ordered the INA™ 2, TOR™ 2 vibrating couples ring (read my man’s review to find out what we thought of it), and HEX™ condoms to try out (full review).

Everything came packaged together nice and snug, with plenty of protective filler to keep the products in perfect condition. LELO even added in some silver strands of protective packaging to make things more fun.

The actual INA™ 2 product box looks great. It shows off the device (in the color I ordered) with a simple design that leaves plenty to the imagination. I would have no problem giving this as a gift – unlike some of the more cheesy and sensational toys on the market.

The INA™ 2 comes with a charging device, guide, small sample of personal lubricant, warranty card, and black satin protective case. Here’s a peak:

The only downside? The toy didn’t come charged. So, I had to plug it in and wait a bit while it got warmed up...

Solo Play

OK - here’s what really matters. How did it perform?

Let’s just start by saying – IT WORKS.

LELO has made major improvements to the design of previous INA™ 2 models. The latest rabbit design provides more flexibility, allowing it to adapt to different bodies while pushing pleasure to the limit.

The INA™ 2 outer vibrator has a wide range of motion. This means you can position it exactly where you want to feel things most. I felt like previous versions had put the two pleasure centers too close together – a problem the latest version has solved.

I like a strong, fast vibration. Thankfully, the INA™ 2 lets users decide exactly how much sensation they want and has 100% stronger vibrations than previous editions.

This toy has 10 different pleasure modes, which move the two components in different patterns. The two elements have independent motors, which are designed to be whisper quiet. More importantly – they give each piece more ways to move. In addition to picking your favorite motion, you can dial the power up or down to find the perfect combination of sensation and intensity with a push of a button.

The outer piece can remain stationary, move side-to-side in a rubbing motion, or up-and-down as if flicking (all while vibrating). The internal portion has the option to be still, vibrate in place, move in a come-hither motion, or combine the two.

Speaking of… the internal massager looked a little large when I first pulled it out of the box, but it was perfect once I had the chance to use it. Plus, the bulbous, contoured design applied pressure just where I want it.

Overall – I LOVE MY INA™ 2. It’s a terrific solo toy that I’ll be using for years to come.

Bonus points for holding a charge up to 90 days when not in use and for being waterproof (fully submersible up to one meter!).

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. The INA™ 2 has earned 4.5 stars and countless satisfied reviews. And, here’s another satisfied reviewer with her take:

Couples Play

I couldn’t hog all the fun of playing with a new toy. So, I invited my partner to play with me and my new favorite adult toy.

My partner really enjoyed the high-tech functionality of the INA™ 2. I think every lady will understand me when I say (lovingly mind you) – he may have had too much fun exploring all the different modes. The truth is: the INA™ 2 provides SO MUCH stimulation and movement, your partner does not need to do much.

Playing with the various controls got me very excited and felt great. But, once we found the “right” combo and positioning, it was game over. This took a little finesse and communication (ever important) to master the first time, but it was well worth the effort. Hold it in one spot and let the INA™ 2 work it’s magic!


I would recommend the INA™ 2 to anyone looking for a high-end vibrator / dildo combination. It provided intense pleasure and highly-customizable stimulation modes. Add to that over 2-hours of playtime, a 1-year warranty, and you have reason to smile.

Get your INA™ 2 today for just $189 and enjoy!

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