LELO TOR™ Vibrating Couples Ring Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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The LELO TOR™ 2 vibrating couples ring enhances sensations for both partners while being worn by men during love making. At $139 (before discount), the ring can be worn above or below the penis to vibrate his or her special areas. It slides on and constricts blood flow to give him a bigger erection and more controllable orgasm.

LELO TOR™ 2 Highlights and Key Features:

  • 6 vibration settings to pleasure him or her
  • Stretchable, safe silicone fits all sizes
  • Bigger and longer lasting presence for him
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully rechargeable battery with up to 2-hours of play time
  • Discreet billing and shipping
  • 1-year full warranty coverage and 10-year guarantee

LELO TOR™ Review:

Don’t let the $139 price tag scare you. The LELO TOR™ 2 is a global best-selling couples ring **cough, cock ring, cough** well worth the price. Read on for my complete user review, but first...

LELO TOR™ Unboxing:

If you’ve read my partners LELO INA™ 2 review, you’ll already know this:

LELO provides discreet packaging. Just a plain package from “Shipping Employee Name, Warehouse address.” No need to panic about an awkward conversation with my UPS driver or questions from the kids.

The toys came packaged with plenty of protective filler to keep the products in perfect condition. LELO even added in some silver strands of protective packaging to make things more playful.

The TOR™ 2 comes in a simple, elegant black box with faux snake-skin print and a clear window that shows off the product.

The box refrains from using any suggestive or adult language on the box – there’s just one small mention of “making love” on the back of the box. To the untrained eye, you could pass it off as a bike light... should you need to disguise your purchase.

Open the box and discover a handy USB charger, user guide, black satin carrying pouch, personal lubricant, and warranty card with instructions to register the product.

In case you didn’t know how you might use the TOR™ 2, it even provides a helpful little diagram to get the ideas flowing...

The device didn’t come charged. But, after just a little time on the charger it was ready for a trial run...

LELO TOR™ 2 In Action:

My experience using the TOR™ 2 with my partner has been fantastic.

I can safely say – I’ll never purchase a cheap couples ring again. The vibrations and durability of the LELO TOR™ 2 are worth every penny.

With a full charge and a willing partner – I was ready to try it on. I was concerned the device might be too small when I first went to try on the TOR™ 2. I could barely fit three finger-tips into the opening. But, the silicone construction provides enough stretch to fit just about anyone.

For Her

I first positioned the device near the base of my shaft with the vibrating portion facing towards my belly-button (the “more pleasure for her” shown in the diagram).

I could feel the device at work almost instantaneously. Even in the off position, the effect was evident. The TOR™ 2 constricts blood flow in the male organ and prevents blood from returning to the body. This results in a larger-than-normal, firm erection comparable to the moment typically experienced before climax. Let’s just say this was noted by my partner…

After a few moments exploring the sensation of using the ring while being intimate, we turned on the vibrations. The TOR™ 2 has two easy-to-use buttons to control the vibrations – a “+” on one side and “-” on the other.

We didn’t think much of the first couple level. But, when we turned the vibrations up a bit, things got cooking. And, at the most powerful setting the sensation was downright intense.

It takes some exploration to find the right position and vibration combo (that’s part of the fun anyway, right?). Once you find something that works: KEEP AT IT! The combination of internal stimulation and TOR™ 2 vibration can help her reach incredible orgasms.

The vibration modes are so powerful, my partner can even use it as a solo vibrator, giving you a little extra bang-for-your-buck.

For Him

With her review in (and it was a good one), it was time to flip the thing around and give the “more pleasure for him” mode a try.

I admit: this was unlike anything I’d experienced previously. At first, I found the vibrations a little distracting. But, after a couple minutes, I settled into the experience and explored what was most pleasurable for me.

And? Let’s just say this: I get it ladies. Vibrators are awesome!

It’s just not an experience you can replicate without giving it a try. The orgasm reached while using the TOR™ 2 was powerful and unlike any I’d had previously.

Though I haven’t had a chance to try, I’ve read reports from men who use the TOR™ 2 while masturbating. Some even report placing it over the corona (or glans) and frenulum (nerve connecting the foreskin and tip to the shaft) close to the tip of the penis, and using the vibrations to reach a hands-free orgasm. Sounds worth a try, no?

The LELO TOR™ 2 is a great vibrating couples ring that can be used for solo (his or hers!) or couples play. At $139, it may sound pricey, but it’s worth every penny. The 6 pleasure modes and high-quality, safe silicone design make for a great addition to the bedroom.

We’ll be using our for years to come. Get yours today!

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